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Math Test - Contest Rules and Privacy Policy

Void where prohibited. If void in your area then this game is only for fun and no award or prize will be offered or given.

This contest is available for residents of the United States only. No prizes will be shipped outside the United States. No exceptions.

You must be at least minimum age (18) to win a prize.

However...You can play for FUN at any age. Only contest entries need to be 18 or over.

If you only want to play for fun then leave your email address and name off the form. Then it's a just-for-fun site.

Only test results that have a 100% correct score will be entered into the contest.

There will be only one (1) winner selected who has the fastest score time in the category specified (noted in red).

Your email address and name will not be sold to anyone, for any reason, ever. We believe in privacy and will keep your information locked up and not for sale.

We do not track you nor do we monetize any kind of personal information. This is a site for fun and games so we don't sell your stuff.

There are some advertisers on our site which help pay for the upkeep of the site.

You can play the game as often as you wish. Heck, if you want to play all day, have at it, there are no restrictions on the number of entries you can have for the contest.

Bots or any automated submission tools or systems are prohibited. If you use one, you will be banned forever from using this service. Forever = lifetime.

Every Saturday night at 11:59pm pacific time (Seattle, WA time) the system will generate a list of the top 10 entries for the past week for each category (number of digits in the test). The person listed at the top (first place) is the only winner and will receive the gift card or prize offered. There is no prize for second, third, fourth, fifth place, etc.

The selection of numbers in the math test is totally random and chosen by random by the system. There is no "funny business" going on - the numbers presented to you are totally random. Yes, there may be times when four of the test questions have the same numbers displayed - that's what randomness is, there is no forcing of a number to show or not show.

If your name and entry ID is listed in first place then you win for the week. You must send an email to support@FromTheRockies.com with your entry ID and mailing address details so we can ship the gift card or prize offered. The email address you entered the contest with must match the email address you contact us with. If they do not match, no award will be sent.

If you lose the gift card, there will be no replacement. If the USPS loses the gift card, please file a claim with the USPS.

You have until 11:59pm (Seattle, WA time) the following week to claim your prize. If you forget to check back on the "leaderboard" past 7 calendar days to see if you have won, and if you have won, you will have forfeited your prize and you will have to try to win the prize again.

From the Rockies LLC is the only company offering this game and we are the only company that makes the rules. There are no exceptions to these rules. They are simple rules, please don't ask for exceptions.

By playing in the contest you agree to the rules on this page. You also agree to abide by any laws that are relate to contests in to your area. If you do not agree to these rules then please do not enter your email address and name in the field provided. Then the math test will be just for fun with no prize offered.

For mobile users, this game requires that your phone be held in the vertical position for best viewing results.

This is a game, not a way to earn a living, so the times listed for your entry are as close as they can be to spot-on exact. Nothing is perfect, except for God, so if your browser has a momentary pause when trying to connect to the site, that pause will be counted in with your time. If you don't like the timing results - play again - there is no cost to play.

We try to follow the K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple sir) so if something doesn't look right on your screen or mobile device, or if you are confused by shiny things, or big fury animals, just try another game on another site. We kept this entire game to be extremely simple and follow a simple format to allow for the best viewing, fastest speed, and easiest time to play.

Questions, comments, suggestions, grievances? Please send them to support@FromTheRockies.com or write From the Rockies LLC, 2900 N Government Way, #315, Coeur d'Alene ID 83815. We love hearing from people so if you have a suggestion or idea that would be good for new type of game or ways to enhance this game - please let us know.

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