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It takes just a few minutes to add your listing into the search engine. If we already found your listing during the daily crawl then you can update it with ease. There is no fee to be listed. Please be sure to answer every question that is marked as "required" or your entry will be rejected. If you received an email from us about your listing then your input below will update the information we have on file. Note: Your Federal Tax ID is required because we validate that number to keep accurate company information in this search engine. Searchers won't find grandmas fuzzy slippers in this search engine, this is only for borrowers and lenders to find eachother.





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Advertising FEE (model used: CPA)

This will make your advertising budget happy. A Funding Place uses an advertising model called CPA (Cost Per Acquisition.) This means there are no listing fees, no per-click fees, and no per-impression fees. The CPA fee you pledge to pay us is due only (only) if this search engine sends you a new customer that closes a deal with you. The CPA fee you offer is completely up to you and ranges from $10 on up. Some lenders offer $1000 for a CPA fee, others offer 2% for the same new customer. That's your call, your decision, and your ranking in the search engine is based on the CPA fee you offer.

With this service there are two (2) fee levels and are based on the size of the deal that you close with the searcher. You can offer to pay either a flat-fee or a percentage of the deal.

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By clicking in the box below you are offering your guarantee that you will remit the amount pledged above (the CPA advertising fee) to A Funding Place for the amount stated above should any introduction we send you turn into a deal and go to funding. You represent that you are authorized by your company to make this offer of payment for services rendered and hereby guarantee that should the company you work for choose not to pay us, you authorize us to immediately remove your listing and ban a relisting for up to 12 months or until the fee is paid. It is important that you notify your management that you are making this offer of payment (CPA fee) to A Funding Place. Our payment terms: Net 15 after the funding takes place.

CPA fee minimum: The minimum CPA fee we will accept is $10 and there is no maximum value. You understand that the CPA fee amount you enter will determine your search engine ranking. Should two companies have the exact same fee offered then the secondary index will be based on the company name. Please note some companies may offer $1000 for a $100,000 funded introduction while others may offer 2% of the funded introduction. When the searcher is presented with the search criteria form they will be asked to enter an "approximate value of funding needed" and the search ranking will be based on that value entered. In the case of a searcher entering $100,000 for the approximate funding needed the 2% listing will rank higher than the $1000 entry. However, if the searcher enters $25,000 for the approximate funding value, the $1000 entry will be ranked higher than the 2% value. You may change the offered CPA fee anytime and as often as you wish.

THE ONLY FEE HERE IS FOR ADVERTISING. You understand and agree that fees paid to A Funding Place are solely for advertising and our advertising model is the CPA model. We are not collecting a fee acting as a broker, dealer, contractor, employee, or any kind of representative of your company. The CPA fee you pledge is simply an advertising fee payable only when we send you a searcher that turns into a customer of yours.

Important - Delisting Warning: We offer the searcher an incentive to tell us if they become your client so it is important that CPA fees are paid when due. Companies that register with A Funding Place are accepted at face value. Companies are listed at no charge in this search engine based on the representations made in this submission. In the event you or your company chooses not to pay the CPA fee (if an introduction we make to you turns into a deal that you fund), you authorize us to delist you from this search engine (delete you) and also agree that we may lower your search engine rankings in all major search engines until the time the CPA fee is paid (yes, this can be done.) You also agree that should a CPA fee not be paid, we may list you and your company name on our "wall of shame" until such time the fee is paid. You further agree that should your sales decline due to our delisting actions, you will not hold us liable in any way for the sales decline, and you wave all rights to claims for monetary damages due to any sales decline. In other words, please pay your CPA fee when it is due.

Refunds: There are no refunds offered by A Funding Place, and none shall be paid by A Funding Place, its owners, officers, employees, agents, or otherwise for any reason whatsoever. You agree that your own due diligence and company policies shall be the sole determining factors when choosing to fund a borrower and you hold A Funding Place free from any liability should any introduction we make to you turn bad for any reason (e.g. borrower goes bankrupt, skips, misses payments, etc.) that is between you and the borrower and if any negative events take place which causes you to lose money on any deal introduced to you by A Funding Place, no CPA fee paid shall be refunded.

No Guarantee of fitness, merchantability, performance, or success is offered to you. A Funding Place is a search engine and as such we offer you no guarantees (a) that any introduction will be made between you and a borrower, (b) that any introductions will turn into a funded deal, and (c) that introductions from A Funding Place will be a perfect match to your funding criteria. This is a search engine, not a brokering service so searches are based on the users input and results are not guaranteed to list you if the searcher enters criteria that do not fit your profile.

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