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Getting a Review

The Star Means You've Been Reviewed

Every lender deserves their own star but getting one means your customer has to submit a review stating what they think of you and how smoothly the process took place, good or bad. Searchers will soon be able to read the reviews, along with your responses, directly by clicking on the star. We do not police the reviews other than to verify the review came from a real introduction that was made from this service. This service only allows reviews to be posted from actual users of this service that asked to be introduced to the funding company, lender, bank, or other financial service listed herein.

Maintaining a 100% good review track record is quite a task especially in the financial world. Not every applicant will receive funding and some people that are not approved may post a bad review. That's ok because every rating has a category selection to define what the review covers. It may be a review of your process, your response time, the overall outcome (funded or not funded), etc. Not every day can have sunshine for everyone so reviews are simply a way to describe how your company handled the customer. All reviews have the option to accept a reply from the company that was reviewed. That gives the opportunity to discuss any positive or negative review in the open.

Suppressed Listings = Bad Reviews

A suppressed listing may take place if there are over ten (10) negative reviews in a row (not one single positive review after ten introductions.) The suppression goes into effect for a 30 day period where the company does not show up on any search results. This gives the company time to make adjustments to their search listing or change whatever it is internally that would cause so many negative reviews. Think about it, receiving ten introductions (leads) that are interested in funding and all ten (in a row) post a bad review - that indicates a problem. Usually the problem is with the language used in the search listing text. For example, a listing that claims "we fund everyone" is unrealistic and invites negative reviews, compared to "all applications receive a decision within 24 hours" is more realistic.

Can Someone Buy a Review? No!

We are not like those pay-for-review sites. The only way to get a review is by your customer submitting a review directly into the service. Only customers that come to you from this service are allowed to post a review. We can not accept reviews from 3rd parties that have not been introduced to you from this service. That opens the door for bots or other scripted systems to post hundreds of human-looking reviews that are all fiction.

Suggestions are Welcome

We are always up for suggestions on how to make the review process better. Please let us know what you would like to see and we will often build that feature in with no questions asked. This service is designed to make searching for funding easy, so the more suggestions you send in - the better it is for all of us.