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Most business owners do not have the time to find all the possible sources of funding. They have a business to run and even though they need funding they often set the idea aside because of the time involved in the process. Banks and credit unions are easy to find because they are often right down the street. But many business owners do not have spotless credit, acceptable debt-to-income ratios, and good equity in their homes for security. so they think they are out of luck for funding. They don't know of the options. Ask any small business owner about borrowing money and their only answer is the bank. Which bank? Your bank? They don't know where to turn for reliable and easy solution to their funding needs. Then comes the non-bank market and that industry is a mystery to most businesses. There is no simplified way to find all the funding sources and many of the sources have excellent solutions but no easy way to convey their solution. That is why the new model of search engine will pave the way for easier access to bank and non-bank funding sources.

Real Leads

(These numbers only an example of the stats we keep for vendors)



Closed Deals




The traditional search engines produce no leads. They produce clicks and and a lofty bill for those clicks. For example, when a restaurant owner is looking for a loan or a financing solution, they use a traditional search engine and find trendy cookware or a restaurant supply company in the results. They are looking for money, and that's not how to find it. Our search engine will display your information to the user and if they click on the "introduce me" button we will be sending you an email (or mobile/text message) with their information and that kind of lead doesn't get any hotter. Once our introduction is made the rest is up to you. Maybe the borrower will fit your profile, maybe not, but we will send you every lead that asks to be introduced to you so the lead is real. We keep running stats like the sample above so you can see our results in real-time.


Why You Need This Service

If you are in the lending, investment, or angel industry you know how companies like yours are scattered everywhere and there is no easy way for borrower A to find them all. Sure there are lending circles and clubs for borrowers to contact but we found the one-to-one approach works better than one-to-many. As a lender, you need to weed out the leads that will never work, and that's what this search engine will do. The non-bank lending and investment market is on fire and growing by the day. A Funding Place is here to help every lending, funding, and investment company have a safe and easy way to meet real clients.


Pay For New Clients, Not Clicks or Impressions

Almost all search engines work on the CPI (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click) model. That's great, for them, but not you. A tremendous amount of search traffic today are 'bots which are scripts or automated systems causing clicks and impressions to skyrocket when no human is behind the action. This makes a fortune for the search engines because as bots click on links, the cost-per-click goes up, so every click costs the advertiser real money. A Funding Place is different because our advertising model is based on the CPA (cost per acquisition) model. That means you only pay when this service connects you and the searcher together AND ONLY if that searcher becomes your client (closes a deal with you.) A 'bot has no food to eat here because we only charge when a deal is closed. Ready to sign-up? Let this search engine be the tool that sends clients your way. Real clients.


Join Today, Start Receiving Leads

Enough of the chit-chat, lets get your company listed in the search engine so we can start getting you some introductions. If the search engine hasn't found you yet then you can submit your own site manually and it takes only minutes. The more detail you tell us about you and what you feel is "the perfect client" - the stronger the leads will be. This engine will email you introduction emails whenever a searcher says they want to meet you. Simple, efficient, and best of all - you only pay the CPA fee (that you specify) when you land a new client. Plus, your search ranking is completely controlled by the dollar amount you set for the CPA fee. That's your decision on where you want to appear in the search.

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