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How it Works

The 24/7 Search For Lenders and Funding Sources

Every minute of the day this search engine scans the 'net for lenders and creates a placeholder for them in the system. Using some of the most amazing automation technologies they are contacted automatically and asked to come over and complete their company profile. This happens around-the-clock so the engine tries to keep the most current set of valid lender data available. At the same time, lenders who hear of A Funding Place are coming over and submitting their information directly. This one-two punch keeps data fresh and helps minimize duplicate data. Sure, some lenders are not found, yet, but give it time and soon it will be the largest collection of lenders available anywhere on the 'net, all in an easy-to-use format.

Searching is Easy

The old style of search engine would bring up information semi-closely related to your search. If grandma had a phrase about "lending my grandson money" it might show up in a search for lenders because it has the word "lending" in it. That doesn't happen on A Funding Place. This search engine is tailored specifically to find lenders and lenders only. The companies could be leasing companies, start-up investment firms, accounts receivable (Cash advance) lenders, SBA lenders, etc. If it involves lending to business, we plan on being the go-to site for that information. The searcher simply enters the approximate dollar amount of what they are seeking, the industry they are in, and the age of their company. Based on that information the search results will be displayed for the searcher to review. When they find one they simply click on the listing and our system will then connect that person directly (via email) to the right person in your company. They are not following a link, they are telling you exactly who they are and what they need.

Like a Meet-and-Greet

When you have read over the details about lenders you like just click the "introduce me" button and two things happen: 1) We send your (non private) information directly to the selected funding source/contact, and 2) We email you the details of the funding source(s) you wanted to meet. This "Bill, meet Sarah" type of introduction works well because the lender knows you are coming from a site that focuses on helping you find a lender that closely matches you need. We do not beleive in the "shotgun approach" where you contact dozens of lenders with the click of a button. The phone calls you would receive from using the shotgun approach would drive you crazy. Using A Funding Place could cut hours out of the process just because this service knows the right person to reach, every time. Within hours the conversation usually starts with the lenders and you are off to the races. No guessing who to reach and your privacy is absolutely guaranteed so you won't get inundated with phone calls from other lenders.

Searchers Never Pay to Search

This search engine is based on the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) advertising model. That means you don't pay for clicks, you don't pay for impressions, you only pay a fee (that you set) when this search engine sends you a new customer that closes a deal with you. The CPA advertising model is picking up steam because traditional search engines are infested with bot traffic where scripts and automated systems are clicking on links only driving up the advertisers costs. With A Funding Place you only pay the ad rate you specify but only when you land a new customer that we sent you. You can set the CPA rate as a flat rate like $250 or a percentage like 4% based on the deal that you close. Your ranking in the search engine is based on the CPA rate you specify along with the type of funding the searcher is looking for. Pretty simple but amazingly powerful.

What About Non-Paying Lenders?

Yes, the CPA advertising model has a weakness where a company listed can simply not pay the fee when we send them a new customer. But "we have ways" of discovering a bad vendor very easily and will boot any company off the search engine for 12 months if they fail to pay the CPA fee when due. People skip payments, it happens, but we run a tight ship and even keep in touch with the searcher and motivate them to keep in touch with us after a deal is made. Plus, per our service agreement any company not paying the CPA fee when due will discover their search ranking will drop even on the big search engines. We let technology handle the bad apples.

We are Not a Broker, Dealer, Lender, or Associate

We have no say in who picks a lender for an introduction. That's completely between the lending company and their search engine profile. If lender "A" has a better description of their company than lender "B", they may get the click. Or if lender "A" offers a better CPA fee for their listing, then lender "A" will get listed higher than lender "B". Where a company shows up on a profile is often not the reason someone clicks on their link. This is a 3rd generation search engine that helps the searcher meet the company they choose. We don't just push them onto a link and say goodbye. We make the introduction between the searcher and the lender.

Read Some Books - Knowledge is Powerful

There are many books available that help you prepare for the journey of obtaining financing. If you prefer the "do it yourself" way of finding money (a great option!) then Click on this link to purchase a variety of books on obtaining SBA loans, business loans, and to learn about how to find financing (the link will take you to a section relating to business loans of all kinds, and purposes).

Have Some Questions?

Every question is a good question as it helps us add more answers to these screens. Please email us using the address found on our contact us page and we will gladly get back to you with answers. Have an idea for another feature on A Funding Place? Let's hear those too! Our goal is to help simplify the borrowing process in the first and second tier lending industry so the more comments and suggestions, the better.