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Brokers Welcome

There is Plenty of Room for Brokers

If you are a broker and need solid qualified leads then you should sign up today. Some funding, leasing, or traditional lending companies don't offer a referral fee for leads that turn into a new customer (our CPA-based model) so they give our opportunity directly to their brokers. That means you can sign-up and have your website added to the search engine to collect leads right into your inbox. You can have the same type of listing and search results as everyone else.

The CPA Fee Applies to Brokers Too

The advertising model this service follows is "cost per acquisition" or the CPA model. This is where you do not pay to be listed on the service and only offer to pay a fee (that you define) when you land a new customer based on a lead sent to you from this service. You can set the fee you pay for new customers as high or as low as you wish (minimum CPA fee is $50 per new customer) and the service will keep track of the new customers sent to you which will reflect in your "activity rating" when a searcher views your listing. The activity rating doesn't start until the search engine sends you a lead that becomes a new customer (receives funding.) You can also adjust the CPA fee up or down as often as you wish so if you want more visibility then just increase your CPA fee and your search ranking will instantly adjust.

Lead Qualifiers are Available

If you lend only to specific industries or need a potential customer to read your requirements to help qualify them - you can do that too. Contact us after you register your site and the service will send you the details on how to write a "qualifier form" that can be attached to the introduction form. This can help refine the type of introductions you receive from the service. For example, if you only offer leasing services for medical equipment then there is no reason to send you an introduction for someone looking to lease construction equipment. The qualifier document will help bring you the perfect type of introductions. NOTE: We do not allow for the collection and forwarding of sensitive information on this site such as social security numbers.

Make Yourself Available

When the service sends you an introduction the key to closing a deal is responsiveness. If you go home for the weekend at 3pm on Fridays and receive an introduction request at 4pm, don't make that person wait till Monday or they will likely have moved on to another company. The service sends introductions 24/7 so try to be responsive to a request. If your office is closed on the weekends then let people know that in your description so you can set their expectations. There have been stories of enormous deals walking out the door where the person didn't get a simple acknowledgement that their request is being reviewed. Time is money these days so your responsiveness will often make or break a deal.

Sign-up Today and Be Seen!

A search listing on A Funding Place is one of those must-haves for every company...especially when it costs you nothing to be listed. As the service grows and our radio, magazine, website, and other advertising methods get traction you will find this service to be the place to be seen. The "I found you on A Funding Place" will become a line you will enjoy hearing. We will make sure that small to large businesses know that A Funding Place is the place to go to find the right vendors, like you. Sign up today!