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The Introduction Makes the Difference

The old style of search engines will let just about anyone (or anything) click on a link and hop over to your site. Is that click a real person? Is it a bot? A script? You will likely never know and chances are you are paying a search engine for every single click over to your site. Someone is making money on those clicks and it's not you. Many clicks will never even land on your site because the bot that clicked on the link moved on to the next site in a fraction of a second. That is happening around the world today. A Funding Place is different. When the searcher finds your listing and clicks on your link, they will be taken to a page where they can tell you exactly what they are seeking and the engine will then introduce you to each other. The rest is your job - to call or email that lead and hopefully close a deal. The searcher doesn't just "click here" to visit your site, they tell us what to tell you, and we make the introduction. That's a lead and that's worth gold to any company.

Stats and More Stats

A Funding Place will track total impressions by month-to-date, month, and year. It will also track your total introductions as well as total closed deals. But wait, there's more (sound familiar?) We will also track the funding amount the searcher is looking for, age of their company, and browser type so you can see what your audience is using for a browser, what they are looking for, and a little about their company. All of this is sanitized so privacy for the searcher is assured. Over time we will be adding additional stats to help you fine-tune your listing so searchers that match your criteria to a fine-grain will appear. The engine will also generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports (your choice) to show you all of the search activity.

Change Your Search Ranking Anytime Day or Night

Traditional search engines make it a challenge to get listed on the first page consistently. Even if you pay the highest per-click or per-impression fee you rarely stay at the top because someone else with deeper pockets will outbid you. With A Funding Place you are listed based on the CPA (cost per acquisition) rate you are willing to pay for a new customer (not a click or impression, but a NEW CUSTOMER.) Some companies will offer $100 for a CPA fee on a $100,000 deal, others will offer $1000 for the same deal. The higher the CPA rate you offer the higher your listing will be. Simple as that. If two companies offer the same fee then the listing be based on the offered CPA rate plus alphabetical order. You can even offer a CPA rate based on the percentage of the deal you close with the new customer. Again you don't pay a penny to be listed on the service and there are no per-click fees, no per-impression fees, etc. You only pay if you land a new customer based on an introduction our service makes to you.

We Thrive on Your Ideas

Every smart business listens to its customers, users, or audience. That's how companies develop better products. If you have an idea that would make this search engine better - tell us, we listen to every suggestion. Want us to change a report or offer a new type of search? Tell us, we listen. Share your ideas with us so we can help you bring in more introductions. We will listen to every question, comment, suggestion, and idea. If it's something that will help you bring in more business, and if it's something we can do to make that happen, we will definitely think it over and will see if our developers can add the feature.

Security is The Key Here

We do not share any information about who asked to be introduced to you and all of their information is stored in an encrypted format in your listing data. Every single listing on our service has their own unique salt and unique base key so encryption is unique on a per-listing basis. That adds an extra layer of security to your data. We will gladly sign an NDA if you wish, to help you with any compliance-related issues. Plus, we never collect or request any sensitive data such as Social Security Number becuase A Funding Place does not have a "need to know" so we simply don't ask for it. If you need additional privacy measures put in place for your searchers - just let us know and we will enhance the service for your listing. We take security very seriously here and at no time will your information be shared with anyone, at any time, for any reason.

It takes Only Minutes to Sign-up

Every minute that passes is another possible missed introduction so sign-up now and get listed. This engine may have already found your site and you can complete the profile in a matter of minutes. There is no cost to add your information to the search engine and searches will start to show your information shortly after the information is added. You can come back anytime to make changes or updates. Take the next five minutes to sign-up and you might find a new client introduction coming your way.

Let's go!