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About Us

A 3rd Generation Search Engine

A Funding Place is the new type (third generation) of search engine that scours the 'net specifically for sites dedicated to lending money to business (leasing, factoring, traditional loans, etc.). It could be a bank or could be an alternative funding source. But it's only looking for companies dealing with business looking for funding. In the early 1990's the 1st generation search engine listed sites that sort of matched a search query and provided a link to click on. Meh! Then came the 2nd Generation around 2005 (almost all are 2nd generation today) which charged the advertiser for clicks and/or impressions, but that was it. Now the 3rd generation search engines are here and are designed for direct connections between searcher and target site. If John Doe is searching for $250,000 in working capital and chooses your company, we will ask John for his contact information and will email that to you in seconds. That's is how you find real leads from a search engine!

Goal: To Help Business Find Funding

The lending industry is somewhat disorganized where there are thousands of places that lend businesses money but no easy way to find them. Some of those companies offer great access to funds but finding them can take weeks or even months and even then you are still not sure if you found the right one. A Funding Place has a simple goal: to help the business community have access to those lenders in one easy to use place. This is not a lending company - this is a search engine that helps business find those lending companies. You simply enter the criteria for the type of funding you are looking for (leasing, factoring, A/R financing, expansion capital, etc.) and the search engine will bring up companies that closely match your criteria. When you find a company that looks interesting just click the "introduce" button and the engine will help connect you to the right person at the company that can get a deal started.

Why Does A Funding Place Exist?

The founder of A Funding Place, John Brogan, spent the past 35 years starting and running technology companies and during that time John found one big problem: access to additional funding for special projects, new start-ups, expansion capital, leasing, or for just about anything was a true pain. Finding money outside of the traditional banking world was difficult to impossible to navigate. Over the years the problem has grown due to the thousands of lenders in the non-bank lending industry all trying to find companies that need to borrow money. Some of the very companies listed on this service have been used by John and that ignited the idea of the search engine. These days traditional banks have real competition in the lending space and this search engine will help find those hard to find lenders.

Why This Service is Better

Very simple: technology. Search engines have reached a plateau and nobody seems to care about pushing technology further. We care, and we are pushing technology as far as it can go. The designers of this search engine spent years building algorithms and AI-based scripts that go out and seek specific types of companies and then parse the sites for the relevant information to save back to the search engine. It will take a while to seek and gather all of the financial services on the 'net but the engine is busy 24/7 doing its job. Plus, companies are encouraged to directly enter their information into the engine so the search results can be highly targeted. A Funding Place will be the dominant player in the "business specific search engine" industry.

Lenders: Want Real Leads?
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This is a 3rd generation search engine that doesn't bring up grandma's quilts when someone searches for a leasing company. It also won't bring up the latest trends in cooking when someone searches for a source of working capital. This is strictly for business and designed to help connect a borrower with a funding source (you.) There is no cost to enter your company information, and no cost to display your information in any search results. This service is based on the CPA advertising model which is "cost per acquisition" meaning that you only pay if this search engine brings you a new client that closes a deal with you. You will receive an email from us every time a searcher decides they want to meet you online to discuss their opportunity. Then it's your job to contact them and see if you can close a deal. If you close the deal, you pay the CPA fee that you specified when you setup your profile. Either a flat-fee or a percentage of the deal, it's your choice and you can adjust that any time you wish. Who wouldn't want a deal like this?
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